Why’s he YZ?


The Return Remix
It’s Got to Stop
from The Ghetto’s Been Good to Me (1993, Livin’ Large)

Enter YZ. New Jersey native continued to drop some knowledge on this solid sophomore effort LP. Not so much info for YZ other than he had beef with Big Daddy Kane declarin he dropped the song “Thinking of a Master Plan” first. I’m still in search of his first Sons of the Father LP. He also released a self-titled
EP in 1990 with production with Tony D.

These songs I tried to get an array of styles he rips on the LP. Overall, YZ had some nice witty flow on “The Return”, with Trackmasterz on production. His song “Newborn” is one of the few songs I hear an MC hyped to make families for social justice “Youth is my weapon so I don’t need a knife”, and the mandatory “It’s Got to Stop”, an ode to the sucka mc’s. Peace.


  1. Do you want ‘Sons of the Father’ on CD or wax? I’ll part with my CD, which is in near mint condition, if the price is right. (I see there’s one on Amazon for $109.) Make me an offer – Michael – at – tradermike.net

  2. Dude….You took it back like raw crack…i mean…coke…I mean trees..the Ghettos been good to me…I bought that 12 inch single to give to one of my DJ homies as a present in what ’93/’94…

  3. The Ghetto’s Been Good To me is a 90’s classic. I still bump that record.

    • Anonymous
    • April 10th, 2006

    I just found this blog…i’ve been searching out all the old hip hop classics…I have ‘sons of the father’ on tape and tried converting into mp3 but the quality is wack.–>

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