Atban and The Peas: The Rise, The Level

Atban Klann / Black Eyed Peas

Atban Klann
Mountain Top
Open Your Mind
from Grassroots (1992, Ruthless Records / Unreleased)

Black Eyed Peas
Fallin’ Up
from Behind The Front (1998, Interscope)

Put aside the terrible mental image Black Eyed Peas conjurs in this day and age and cast yourself back to the mid 90s, when Apl.De.Ap & Will.1.X formed the group Atban Klann (Atban meaning A Tribe Beyond a Nation), the duo had been close since the 8th grade when they were performing with L.A. BBoy crew Tribal Nation. Eazy E surprisingly signed them up for Ruthless Records and they recorded an album which was never released. It featured a fair mix of computer programming and input from a live band. It became even more bleak for the Klann when in ’95 label owner Eazy E tragically died.

Will & decided to form the Black Eyed Peas, including dancer and singer Jaime Gomez, otherwise known as Taboo. In ’98 they released their debut album “Behind The Front” which only really recieved critical acclaim. When their second album “Bridging The Gap” dropped, It failed to impress a wide spread audience… Interscope needed answers. This is the first of a 2 post series, and here we have two unreleased Atban Klann tracks “Mountain Top” & “Open Your Mind”, as well as the primary track from “Behind The Front” – “Falling Up”.


-Matt B (How Is Life In London?)

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