Straight Outta AFRICA

(Akim, Dave Funkenklein (RIP), Dumi Right)

Straight from the Mothership
More Damage
Shadow’s Legitimate Mix
from Brothers from the Mother (2005, Glow in the Dark re-release)

Zimbabwe Legit’s story is one for Hiphop history. Around the golden age, two b-boys, Dumi Right and Akim Ndlovu, in Zimbabwe would be getting down with Hiphop through a weekly half hour radio show. They corresponded with the late great Dave Funkenklein of Hollywood BASIC records to be put on. Afterall, during Hiphop’s Afrocentric moves, how fitting would it be for two brothers from Africa to actually drop a record?

Eventually, Akim moved to the States for college, I think it was VA, and Dumi later joined him in the summer of 1990. Funkenklein kept his word on hearin them and eventually laced a demo tape with production from Mr. Lawnge of Black Sheep. The group suffered from bad PR moves as the major label didn’t know how to sell them. Zimbabwe Legit would never break out as Funkenklein passed away along with his vision–Funkenklein put on groups like Organized Konfusion, Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf, The Lifer’s Group (real life in-mates), BooYAA TRIBE, and Raw Fusion before passing away from cancer in 1994.

Fast forward to 2005, Zimbabwe Legit gets a reissue with Glow in the Dark. As of now, Dumi Right has been makin some news as Of Unknown Origin and dropped an album recently. So here’s some tracks from that re-issue. It’s a slice of golden boom-bap, fast-rap, and African pride. Most of their tracks deal with the same issues from that era–racism and rhymin fresh. They flip it with their own flava rappin and translatin their native tongues on “More Damage”. Some of the tracks even sample Fela elements. Don’t sleep on the Dj Shadow track too, I think that was his first production put on wax.

As always, the Japanese get the premium bonus shit. So if anyone is kind enough to offer “Siyabong” and “Create the State” that would be dope!


  1. daaaaaamn… talk about a merry xmas!


  2. Ayo,

    it’s the kid (whoever that is)

    Anyway, somehow through these tracks I’m reminded of Das EFX. Maybe it’s the delivery or a familiar beat. The era is obviously the same. Hope you remember Cuz I know these dudes are broke.

  3. The Broke BBoys,

    Have a happy new year folks!

  4. This shit was reeeeeeeally nice. I was sleepin’ on getting a blog account, but now I do, i give belated props.

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