Happy Birthday BrokeBBoys / JVC Force


Puppy Love Stream / Download
Strong Island Stream / Download
from Doin’ Damage (1988, B-Boy Records)

A Musical Sample Stream / Download
from Force Field (1990, Idlers/Warlock)

One year ago Today, We started the BrokeBBoys with this post. We managed to survive one year… Amongst the many lil blog beefs, internet shit talkers and the ever growing competition, We managed to hold a small but dedicated audience of hiphop heads who continued to look out for our posts and musical choice. Added one more regular poster to our team and even got ourselves in a dope article on SF Weekly… So here we are, As BrokeBBoys celebrates its 1st year on the intraweb and we give some shine to JVC Force once again… They need no introduction. If you dont know, Get yourself acquainted right now… Curt Cazal is still doing his thing and AJ ROK, The hardest working man in hiphop next to Rap Attack’s Nasty Nes. Here’s to another year of The BrokeBBoys.


  1. Damn- That’s cool shiet. Happy One Year Anniversary! All I can say is…keep bringin’ the pieces…


  2. to another broke year!



  4. Keep da heat comin’!

    To many more broke years!

  5. Congrats and keep the heat into the new year, damn forgot about that JVC Force Puppy Love track, I remember reggae artist TIGER use to rock that cut back in the days.

  6. congratulations on the one year mark

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