Self-Reflection with Edo G and Pete Rock

Edo G feat. Pete Rock

Just Call My Name (feat. Jayshaun)
Right Now (feat. Pete Rock)
from My Own Worst Enemy (2004, )

Legendary beat maker Pete Rock combined in 2004 with fellow hiphop legend Edo G to create the collaborative “My Own Worst Enemy”… On paper you really can’t touch that pairing. In true back-to-front review fashion; the album as a whole is very simple and is a mixed bag of bangers and luke warm attempts such as the pre-school production on ‘Streets Is Callin’.. Despite these low points… The high points do overshadow ’em.. When ‘Boston’ kicks in and Ed says “I’m looking for more than street props from Pete Rock…” it sets the scene proper. ‘Call My Name’ is a very well crafted track too with a lyrical contribution from Jaysaun, the initial punch in is perfect; “Dogg, I’m too menacin'”, and if you don’t nod your head to that you might as well not have one. It’s not just Edo G on the mic, Pete holds it down on “Right Now” with the cuts provided by J Zone. The topic of the album is consistently about the wack state of hiphop affairs, like the older cats seem to be dropping more and more. Despite the marginal ego trip this is a pretty solid effort, with clear high points for you to enjoy!!

-Matt B

  1. I really wasn’t too jazzed about My Own Worst Enemy. I mean, I am a total fan of both, Edo G. and Pete Rock, but for some reason, this did not move me as I anticipated. I agree that there are a few tracks that move me, but I think I was expecting something totally spectacular. Or maybe I’m still stuck in the Golden Era…heeellllpppp!

  2. Dude….Te amo Masta’ ace….for the record….long love HH….batches…

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