Duval gots Dynamite SOUL pt. 2: MC Intellekt and Dirty Digits

Livin the Life
Phenom Mental (ft. his mom)
A Take of Two Cities
from Intellektual Property (self-released, 2004)

Second installment of the hometown feature. On the last post I didn’t clarify, Duval is the all encompassing county that Jacksonville occupies. If you’re in a concert or congregation around the area you might hear a very proud, annoyin shout “DUUUUUUUUVAL”.

I first ran into Intellekt back in ’99 freestylin at a party. This kid just kept on runnin the cypher and never stopped. I’m glad he never did, since then, he moved to Gainesville, continued to write, hooked up with a dope DJ (Dirty Digits) and dropped this sleeper album in 2004.

This album is a collection of his past work rangin back from 2001. All of the songs are produced by some of Florida’s dopest underground producers like Speck of CYNE, Capitul, and DaVinci of Solillaquists of Sound. Both Intellekt and DJ Dirty Digits have relocated to Atlanta to pursue their careers, best of luck homies. Check here for more info and a stream of the rest of the album.


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