Duval gots Dynamite SOUL pt. 1: Asamov


Bad News
Supa Dynamite (ft. Mr. Lif)
from And Now… (6 Hole, 2005)

For the next couple days while I’m home I’m going to be featurin the hometown Hiphop that has been strugglin to find ground but are nonetheless breakin new heights. I, like many other artists, have a love/hate relationship with Jacksonville, FL. Lots of people, lots of community, good beaches, but really nothin to do. I think the whole city suffers from this “big town” Southern mentality: life bein too slow to get stuff done, but just gettin enough done to sustain.

First up to bat is the crew with the recent well-deserved attention, Asamov. They are a crew that was once made up of separate solo artists–J.Oneda, Therapy, Basic and Willie Ev– that have been holdin down the underground scene since I can remember. Within the past three years, they’ve hooked up on Desi Relaford’s 6 Hole label and started combinin their respective MC, DJ, and Producing skills releasing the previous EP I featured, throwing down mixtapes, rockin concerts ..AND NOW, they have a hot album out.

Much props to these homies, this album is just a start of their versatility and love for this game. Most press will front on this “oh true hiphop isn’t dead if you heard these guys” or whatever savior rhetoric but in truth Hiphop is never dyin for this crew. I can say what separates Asamov from a lot of the artists comin out is integrity and longevity with their music. Songs like “Bad News” resonate a level of maturity goin through the motions of bein artists. “Supa Dynamite” is the essential feel-good and shoutout record switchin up to the hype “Seven” track. All featured tracks produced by Willie Ev. Enjoy, click here for tour dates and future releases.


  1. Props on posting that Asamov. You should’ve posted some of the hotter shit though. Hookslide, Boom Box and Gone Head are a few of my favorites. Gotta love Seven though, that flute sample is off the chains…


  2. Hookslide is pretty dope. Played that on a recent radio show… You cant go wrong with Asamov, because they never ever disapoint!


  3. Geez,

    I just caught on with Asamov. Better late than never. The whole thing is very solid.

  4. make sure to check out a show when they come thru, they tear the roof off.. playin in Jax this friday actually


  5. Shit, after taking a closer listen to Asamov- I think that they may be one of the best groups of 2005/2006. I’m impressed.

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