Van Hunt: Get your snuggle on

Van Hunt

Down Here in Hell (With You)
Who’s Gonna Love Me in Winter?
Out of the Sky
from Van Hunt (Capitol, 2004)

This is for the folks that stopped listenin to good ol’ R&B after the advent of the R&B Thug. Van Hunt was a sleeper album that dropped last year. One thing I can say is this dood is bi-seasonal: his beats heats up with some cold ass lyrics. He flips this bitter love angle, in the song “Down Here in Hell” he sings “Where would I go for dissapointment?” Who says that? Interestin scope on love. Count Bass D also contributes on the keys.

The next two joints summarize his catchy, introspective, and funky sound. Sing along and spread the troubled love. Lots of uptempo joints on the album I didn’t include but when shit hits like “Out of the Sky” u know I’m gettin down. This song’s gonna be in my head for my Graduation, you know, crashin and shit sounds depressin but Van Hunt makes it complexingly beautiful.


  1. a good listen, thanks for the heads up…

    • Del
    • December 19th, 2005

    “out of the sky” has that kind of stop what you’re doing quality to it. a great song. despite the fact van hunt seemed to sound like a few people on the album (curtis mayfield for example) the album showed a lot of potential and is woefully overlooked.

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