Suspended In Time

Group Home

Suspended In Time
Supa Star
from Livin’ Proof (1995, PayDay/FFRR)

In 1995, Melachi Da Nutcracker and Lil’ Dap combined as Group Home to release Livin’ Proof. The production is Primo laced, and Gangstarr fans would’ve recognised Dap & Nutcracker from Daily Operation and Hard To Earn. The beats are memorable throughout, where as the two MC’s aren’t known for their complexity but the single ‘Suspended In Time’ combines raw styles and insane beat-making. The content is a little familiar, but that has always appealed to me. Serious Rap Shit produced by Guru, if my memory serves me correctly and featuring Guru & Big Shug is a more up-tempo joint, and the heavily synthed beat is simple yet effective. I hear a little Mass Appeal sample on this too…

On ‘Sacrifice’ there’s another memorable beat and a featured spot with Absaloot and it just goes to show what an impact Primo has had in this game, if he’s making shit 10 years ago that still hasn’t aged, you get an idea of his contribution to hip-hop. Many people are of the opinion that with a different producer this would have been forgotten with the quickness, I don’t know, lyrics aside I like the contrast of the 2 rappers voices, and both sound comfortable on the mic with decent presence, and they compliment the beats, and for that they get props, the art of MC’ing is sounding dope, how many cats out nowadays say some profound shit and move units? I know there is obvious exceptions such as Common and De La, but they are certainly in the minority.

The group started recording in 1994 with the single ‘Supa Star’, which became credited as an instant hiphop classic. 2 years earlier in ’92 was when Dap and Nutcracker first worked with Gangstarr, and hiphop myth says that the crew Group Home were lacing underground hiphop-shows in the 80s. Right now Dap is signed to Prosto and his new album was originally scheduled for March of this year, either it dropped and sunk, or it got pushed back, who knows?

To round off, the beats are consistently dope, and the raps work despite what
haters might think!

-Matt B (Drinkin’ a pint of Adnams, Live from London)

    • Anonymous
    • December 9th, 2005

    Nice to see the blog back in full swing.
    Link to the Sacrifice mp3 is broken, btw.

  1. Link fixed. Thank you for lookin’ out!


    • Anonymous
    • December 10th, 2005

    I agree about liking the rappers, too. They keep it simple but it sounds good, it’s not like dumb-simple, and their voices are pleasent. Plus they do occasionally have some ill rhymes. The first time I head “I’m not about killing my people but you know how it goes” on Livin Proof I got chills down my back.

  2. I also thought the lyrics on this album were tight. I could never understand the critisism there. There’s really no bad songs on this album.

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

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