A Message from Poet

Blaq Poet

A Message from Poet
from A Message from Poet 12″ (2003, Year Round Records)

Poet’s Comin’
We Gonna Ill
from Poet’s Comin’ 12″ (2005, Beat Down Recordings)

As we continue with our DJ Premier countdown to Christmas… First, I’d first want to thank Noz from Cocaine Blunts and Robbie from Steady Bootleggin’ for all the insight on MC Poet. Poet has been in the game for a hot minute. I first heard him when some promo guy gave me the single “Poet Has Come/A Message from Poet” during our Skratchlab Radio days (Side Note: Skratchlab.com back in 2-Double-6) then found out he had done a bunch of material since the mid-80’s til now. One of his first appearances was a record dissin KRS ONE with Rockwell Noel entitled “Beat You Down”. I guess he wasn’t feeling KRS taking shots at his community (QB) and felt that MC Shan was being a pussy about the way he responded back to KRS. Over the years, He was callin’ out MC’s he wasnt feeling such as LL Cool J, T La Rock, Just Ice, Rakim, Ultramag… I get the feeling Poet is the guy who inspired 50 Cent in his early days.

You might also remember Poet as frontman for the QB super group SCREWBALL. Poet was real close to Louis Chandler (aka Screwball) to the death and admitted that “He was my man, the only n**ger I knew that would ride for me, ride and die for me.”… Also another key point as that was his first meeting with DJ Premier and we know that Primo ripped the beat for F.A.Y.B.A.N. (one of my favorite primo beats). Albums 1 and 2 for Screwball came and went, leading us to the 2003 Year Round Records release of “Poet Has Come/A Message from Poet”, in which he is asking why is hiphop so out of control. Now we closing in on 2006 and for some reason that single got back into rotation, as I recently got a promo with some a newer track by Poet I hadn’t heard yet, on the Beat Down Recordings imprint.

Noz said it best… “He should be a fucking legend by now.” Yes Indeed. As we get close to 1 year since the birth of BrokeBBoys, We also wanted to pay homage to such an incredible MC. Hopefully 2006 will flourish that album hardcore Poet fans have been awaiting all this time.



BoogaLeo recently asked O-Dub what he thought about BrokeBBoys…
“Y’all need to update your site more often…” -O-Dub

“I got a big chuckle out of that…” -Audio1

    • Anonymous
    • December 8th, 2005

    Yeah, I’ve got that “Beat You Down” track on tape. That shit is wack, even for back then.

    • Anonymous
    • December 12th, 2005

    “Poet’s Comin” is on iTunes under the name “2 to the Stomach” from the “Code of the Streets” Vol. 1 comp.

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