Nas & Primo – Take It Back to Illmatic

Nas and DJ Premier

New York State Of Mind
from Illmatic (1994, Columbia)

Nas Is Like
from I Am (1999, Columbia)

It’s Official. It’s been reported on the latest issue of SCRATCH Magazine that Nas & Primo are recording a full album, which is the best news out there for fanatics of the Illmatic era Nasir Jones. DJ Premier breaks down alot of knowledge and insight in the interview. He has some choice words to the Disk Jockeys out there regarding Rane’s SERATO….

“With Rane’s Serato, there’s a lot of microwave DJ’s out there with MP3’s. But Serato is, to me, something you have to earn. I’m like “have you dug in the crates? Do you have at least 2,000 records? Did you ever have to carry all your speakers and crates to a gig?” If you have, then you can graduate to Serato. Here’s your medal.”

DJ Premier urges DJ’s to stick to the vinyl format before going into the digital realm. We surely appreciate that from some of the biggest names in music. Heres a reminder of DJ Premier lacing Nas beats.


  1. Tru! DJ’s can’t just abandon vinyl for the digital realm.

    Prove ya self first!

    Word, premo! Word!

  2. I hope working with Nas steps Preem up to that level we know he can reach although he hasn’t reached for a few years now.

  3. Word. Just heard some new stuff Primo laced for Blaq Poet… pretty dope!–>

    • Dallas Shipping Crates
    • April 8th, 2011

    Similar to corrugated fiberboard in overall characteristics, plastic corrugated is typically extruded from polypropylene. Advantages include excellent moisture resistance and increased durability. Also can be use with Foam, corrugated and wood.

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