Bring That Beat Back: The Latin Rascals

The Latin Rascals
Live on WRKS ’85

The Latin Rascals, aka Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran, come from the strain of unsung classic radio DJ’s in NYC. They help break Freestyle music in the mid-80s and also flexed a lot of re-edit, cut-n-paste techniques applied from the Disco era. I’m including snippets from one of their radio sets that aired on WRKS December 1985.

Anything was fair game to be spliced for the Rascals—remixed buildin from Whodini to Man Parrish to a crazy Furious 5 rmx. Keep in mind the Rascals practiced manually cutting and pasting reel to reel tape edits. They also went by the moniker, Big Apple Productions. Here’s a peak of their pioneering megamix style and a reminder how early hiphop was bein flipped alongside the Electro-Freestyle flava.


I apologize for my inactivity.. Last semester of college more hectic than I expected. I’ll be still supplyin your fix soon..

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