Return of The Blogger


Alcoholic Author
City Of Industry
Staircase to Stage (feat. J-Zone)
from Return Of The Drifter (2002, Low Life Records)

You can’t discuss UK hiphop without mentioning one of its longest serving servants; Jehst. Starting his artistic endeavour as an artist he has since risen to small time, cult status, amongst the loyal basis of underground hiphop fans worldwide. Everybody with an ear for good hiphop can appreciate the lyrical genius and rugged smoothness of his flow. The Northern Rapper now produces as well as rapping.

Back in the day he hooked up with fellow UK hiphopper Evil Ed and assisted in theforming of the YNR crew, and it was his ‘Premonitions’ EP that popped the labels output cherry. He’s hosted a few well known UK names on his albums and infamous ‘ignant rapper; J-Zone on the impressive 12″ ‘Staircase To Stage’. He’s held it down on others records too with names like Task Force & Braintax. In 2001 he dropped the EP ‘High Plains Drifter’ on mainstay UK label Low Life. In may of that same year a tasty promo was released in an attempt to whip up a frenzy around Jehst. This promo was a remix EP of the ‘High Plains Drifter’ posse cut ‘The Trilogy’, and Kyza & Chester P feature, it’s a troublesome mix, and obtaining it is just as hard. Then in 2002 he thankfully dropped the main drive of this post (otherwise we’d have no direction here!) – Return Of The Drifter was the 12″ and the content was a recollection of his previous Low Life work and featuring the earth-stopping-blood-clotting amazingly firesome ‘Alcoholic Author’ with Harry Love on the beats!!!

I’m at a loss of what to enjoy more, the beat or the lyrics, the perfect mix.. One of my favourite ever UK hiphop songs! It also contains the exclusive track ‘People Under The Weather’ featuring Asaviour, which also featured on the Bangers And Mash mix I recently posted about. With incredible tracks like ‘1979’ and ‘The Return Of The Drifter’ this is a stellar album. And nobody has any excuse not to check it.. City Of Industry is also raw! 9 of this 11 track EP are self produced and that merits respect in my book!! Enjoy.

-Matt B (Live from London)

  1. Jehst got some nice beats.

  2. yeah jehst is an ill producer, i think it was only staircase 2 stage and alcoholic author he didn’t produce on that shit, and all those beats were mad nice. plus you heard the rags beat he did for humurak? that’s the most rago beat i heard in a minute! as for the rhymes, he’s just a poet man, a rare talent.

    • Anonymous
    • November 12th, 2005

    Jehst.. much respect. If you like his flava, get a taste of other Huddersfield, UK folk ground-wurq. Jack Flash, APA-tight and J-simple ripping up and revitalizing the UK hip-hop scene.. ya hurd..


  3. yo Matt, I have finally gotten round to getting audio up on my blog, and thought you might be interested given your UK stylings… at the moment I just got the Antiheroez up, will have more soon though… if you’re interested it’s at


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