Music For The Broke B-Boy!!

DJ Format

English Lesson (Remix)
Ill Culinary Behavior
Little Bit Of Soul
We Know Something
from Music For The Mature B-Boy (2003, Genuine UK)

Beyond my extended ramblings about UK hiphop, Commonwealth hiphop is in very fine shape. And one release that displays this perfectly is DJ Format’s – “If You Can’t Join ‘Em Beat ‘Em”… But this blend isn’t something brand new. In 2003 DJ Format dropped his long awaited demo long player. “Music For The Mature B-Boy” is the primary offering by the Brighton based DJ. The first track is “Ill Culinary Behaviour” featuring Canadian MC Abdominal, a duo frequently paired with one another.. Abdominal raps over old school Grange Hill sounding keys, dropping one culinary reference after another.

Second track is “We Know Something” featuring Akil & Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 on this sample free gem, undoubtedly fresh.. Then onto “Last Bongo in Brighton (Remix)” which is, in principle, a banger… but the first 20-30 seconds are real dope and then the beat sort of doesn’t go anywhere, and I begin to lose interest… “Hit Song” has another guest spot for Abdominal, and everything is present and correct. The hook on this is pretty good as well, just lucid/un-offensive, smooth sounding hiphop. “Here Comes The Fuzz” is the only glaringly obvious skipper on the whole track. It’s the bare bones of a hiphop instrumental, with a frustratingly distorted Electric guitar sounding bassline…

Skipping along a few tracks, and we arrive at the GEM which is “Little Bit Of Soul”, bathed in grimey sounding strings which are present at certain intervals throughout the whole track The basic guitar and drum sounds are separated by a very scratchy soul orientated sample. Gradually it tapers off towards obscurity with the repetitive whispering of “Little bit of soul”.. But for just under 2 minutes… it’s perfection. My second favourite point of the album comes at the end in a track called “English Lesson (Remix)”… It’s a crazy sounding instrumental, merging English comedy from the 70s with flutes and the re-appearance of the bongo!And you can’t say fairer than that!


-Matt B

  1. hey, check your links. if you delete the broke bboys part then they’ll work. thanks for the tracks man!

  2. reminds me, remember that LP with DJ FASE and Abdominal? Sick.

  3. links are working,,, at least i think they are!

    • Matt. B
    • October 26th, 2005

    Those links are working for me. And that video is dope, thanks. I found another link to a track he did with Abdominal…. And D-Sisive, could be Viscious Battle Raps, but I don’t remember…

    • Matt. B
    • October 26th, 2005

    It’s 3 Feet Deep, off of the new album. Check it, the video link is above, obviously.

  4. was viscious battle raps the one with the dope lyrics about abs having “the strength of ten men, who each possessed the strength of ten men” and “the chiseled features of a greek god, plus nimble like a tree frog”?

    lol at those rhymes…

    yeah music for the mature… was tight, but i think you summed it up with the point about how it can lose interest in various tracks…

  5. Abdominal & DJ Fase are one of those groups that should not be over looked. I own a few things by these two myself, and all of them are enjoyable. maybe I’ll blog about them tonight. 1

  6. love the dj format stuff–both his albums are great

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