Notes From A British Kitchen…

Bangers ‘N’ Mash

LG & Lopez feat. Yungunn-City Breaks
Blak Twang-Real Estate
Evil Ed and Taskforce-The Tournament
from Bangers ‘N’ Mash – A UK Hip Hop Retrospective (2003, Woodwurk UK)

British Hiphop has always struggled to make a splash across the atlantic, and nor has british cuisine. So I’ve decided to show-case a beautiful combination of all things british!! First off, “Bangers & Mash” is a meal, Bangers (Sausages) are delicately positioned in a pile of mash (mashed potato), usually coated in onion gravy, but this is optional… It was a dish “served as a delicacy at the coronation of James II (1685-1688).”

“Bangers & Mash” is also the title of the most complete UK hiphop mixtape in recent history. It displays rapping from all over the UK.. Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and London. It’s a retrospective of UK hiphop from the old school to right now. There’s firesome tracks from all the major UK hiphop names, (Major in a minor way). Jehst, Asavior, Kashmere, Verb T, Blak Twang, Skitz, The Herbaliser & Blade all feature.

There’s a clear theme, it’s a collective of real UK hip-hoppers, not trying to aspire to US stardom, when you listen, it hits a chord with UK residents. It’s like a group of private jokes wrapped in beats fresher than the average. I know some can’t stand the way people who aren’t American rap, but to me, it sounds right…

The first song I’m putting up is called ‘City Breaks’ by LG & Lopez and featuring Yungunn a.k.a Essa. Yungunn some of you may know from his B-Side with producer Beyond There, where he performs a track with fellow UK rapper Jehst, the track is called “Slumber”. Yungunn is the main rhymer… And he holds it down whilst including very british references to The Lake District and The Tube.. What you know about that there?

The second song is “Real Estate” by Blak Twang. The sound quality isn’t so good, but the rapping is dope. The rhyme works with the beat, and the british references continue. Blak Twang has since dropped a series of un-impressive songs.. but I actually like this. Third and finally, is “The Tournament” by Evil Ed featuring Taskforce. Taskforce are one of the better known UK crews, cockney rhymers! I’m planning on dedicating a few of my next posts just to UK hip-hop so you can all get an education of sorts.

I hope you enjoy the musical offerings, I haven’t even began to cover the spectrum of UK hiphop, but a retrospective mixtape isn’t a bad place to begin. Peace!

-Matt B

  1. Roots Manuva is gradually beginning to get the shine he deserves. But tracks like these go to show that he could be less an less versatile sometimes

  2. Yo good look on talking about this mixtape/cd… i got it when it came out and it was a wicked reminder on some of the old classics, like glimmity glammity (badness!) as well as some of the newer shit like city breaks… as far as how Americans would take it… I think it’s time heads stopped trying to sell ice cubes to eskimos and concentrated on the oriental, australian, and european markets… cos we get love in those places..

    • Matt. B
    • October 25th, 2005

    Hahaha, I’ve just referenced your comment, in the Roots Manuva post… You made a good point about that globalisation plot though!

    About this mixtape, if I could’ve included more tracks I would have done.. That little break beat by W.B.I Red Ninja – Bad Testament is bonkers!
    And Jump Around by The London Posse it’s all raw though.

    Keep your eyes open for more UK orientated posts coming up, or if you have a post of your own, you can drop your own guest post.

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