The Hypest from Cypress

Cypress Hill

Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Remix) feat. The Fugees
from Boom Biddy Bye Bye 12″ (1995, Columbia)

Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Remix)
Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk (Remix) feat. Funkdoobiest
from Latin Lingo 12″ (1992, Columbia)

Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up
from Friday – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1995, Priority)

Im sort of playing a game of hiphop six degrees of separation. In this case, The Fugees and Cypress Hill were 2 of my favorite groups during that time era, were labelmates at Columbia and did a remix of “Boom Biddy Bye Bye” that dropped around 1995. Setting it off with “You Say Guns, I Say Pistola..”, Cypress Hill and The Fugees take you on a dark lyrical adventure over an eerie string and boom bap arrangement. It has that “Godfather” type feel on the sound.

We rewind to one of their first singles, Latin Lingo. The original straight up kicks ass but on the vinyl, The label gives you a Prince Paul remix which absolutely slams on another level. I first heard this remix on one of O-Dub’s mixes from way back… I think it was the cassette version of “Incognitos”. In true bboy fashion, Paul sets it off with his own ID then unleashes some funky guitar licks then the beat drops. The beat just bangs all the way thru. Paul adds subtle samplings over the track that set it off even more. I think I heard a lil bit of Malcolm McClaren and a bit of Mozart when Cypress drops into the 3rd verse. “The gringos are tryna get paid, off the funky bilingual”… I always thought that was dope when this dropped. A lot of people weren’t up on the Spanglish until groups like Cypress Hill, Kid Frost and Mellow Man Ace started dropping tracks. We spoke like that where I grew up and a lot of people at first didn’t get but caught on real fast.

As if that remix wasn’t enough, You also get a remix of Stoned Is The Way of The Walk which features Funkdoobiest lead rhymer Son Doobie. The track begins with a cut&paste/pause-tape style intro… “I pledge Allegiance to the Bags of Marijuana, Made in Mexico” then snippets from Ashley Roachclip/Cheech & Chong. The beat kicks in with funky horns, vocal sample and laidback drums. It would fit perfect for a cheesy porno or something but it works great on this mix. Definitely fits the category of what Cypress Hill sounded like when you were all blunted off that bubonic chronic. B-Real and Son Doobie destroy the track with simple yet effective lyrics. Back in 1992, You can get away with pretty much anything and It sounded dope, unlike today.

Your bonus track from Cypress Hill is their joint off the Friday Movie Soundtrack, “Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up” which you may remember was played when Craig was taking his first tokes of weed on that infamous FRIDAY. Funny shit! Enjoy the tracks… My next post will be yet another group linked to Cypress Hill in some form or way.


  1. It’s hard to believe that todays Cypress Hill was the same group that had some of the dopest beats in Hiphop. And DJ Muggs was easily one of the best producers of that time with his erie horn wails and sample heavy production. And now they are nothing but a mere shadow of what they once were. Damn shame.

  2. They do still have a big following all over the world but yeah, their music has changed considerably over the years. It’s still dope to go back and listen to the funky cypress hill shit!


  3. That’s right guys, i was myself a massive fan of this LA crew, still on the oldschool staff. Shame on me the day i spent 20 bucks to get the last album, that’s not called hip hop, flip flop souds better….

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