Babalu Bad Boy from Cypress Ave.

Mellow Man Ace

from Escape From Havana (1989, Capitol)

Babalu Bad Boy
Hypest from Cypress
from The Brother With Two Tongues (1992, Capitol)

Welcome To My Groove (Latin Hip House Mix
from Mentirosa 12″ (1989, Capitol)

As we continue on with the hiphop six degrees of separation. This time we look into the phenom known as Mellow Man Ace. His brother is none other than Sen Dog from Cypress Hill. Mellow Man Ace first got into hiphop back in 1983 while they were BBoying out on Cypress Ave. of South Gate, Ca. They began writing rhymes and slowly began to build on their craft. Around 1986, Mellow and Sen met up with B-Real and DJ Muggs and formed the group DVX DVX (Devastating Vocal Xcellence). After several years, Mellow Man Ace got signed to a solo deal on Capitol Records. The remaining members, B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs formed Cypress Hill… The rest is history.

We set it off with Mellow Man Ace’s first single, “Mentirosa” (which translated means LIAR) from the Escape from Havana album. He might not have been the first to use the “Spanglish” style of rhyming, trading rhymes off in his native Spanish and English back to back, but was the first to be recognized with doing so, as Mentirosa hit #1 on the charts and was the first Latin rap artist to reach Gold and Platinum sales in the US and Latin America. Mentirosa’s production was handled by long time homie Tony G with Julio G on the cuts, cutting up Santana’s “No One To Depend On”… A lot of people confuse the sample as being Santana’s “Evil Ways” but you go ahead and do the comparison. The song is about women who use men for $$$ and lie to get everything and he breaks it down really cleverly.

We move on to his second album, The Brother with Two Tounges. Mellow Man Ace had matured both lyrically and sonically, bringin’ more experimentation to the table. “Hypest from Cypress” featured Mellow Man Ace, Sen Dog, Krazy D and Chief T (Tomahawk Funk from Funkdoobiest). This is a dope track with its sample driven funkiness, tight lyrics and dope adlibbed freestyle session around the 4 minute mark before the track continues to an end. “Babalu Bad Boy” is one of my favorite Mellow Man Ace joints. You got Sen Dog playin’ the hype man as Mellow rips the track in true Spanglish fashion. DJ Muggs is on the board flipping Herbie Hancock’s Fat Mama over some thumpin’ drums, cuts/scratches and congo fills on the drops. Funkiness x 100!

I leave you with one more track from the “Mentirosa” 12-Inch. “Welcome To My Groove”. This version is the Latin Hip House Mix, produced by no other than Steve “Silk” Hurley. This one goes out to the old skool clubbers and house heads who were out partying when I was only 10, staying home listening to Wild 107 and KMEL Saturday Night Street party. Hip House is one of them forgotten things in hiphop. Let’s not forget all the people who were rocking beats faster than 115bpms around that time (Rakim, Kool G Rap, Sway & Tech, Queen Latifah, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul…) Mellow rhymes at a faster pace about having fun and partying with lush vocals from Jeanette on the hook. The beat is driven by the rhythm of MFSB’s K-Jee (as heard on Saturday Night Fever) and familiar Miami style breakbeats and sprinklings of Afrika Bambatta. There ya have it. Alot of different flavas that all had their humble beginnings on Cypress Ave.


  1. thank you so much big homie

  2. old school …. is crazy ..
    i am braziliam and big fan de hip hop old and new school …
    peace bro !!

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  3. Mellow Man Ace is one of my favorite ‘Spanglish’ rappers !!!!! A Few interesting bits on the Mellow Man is he dissed Easy E on Rhyme Fighter and Kid Frost smacked him in the head with a pool cue. There was a dope article in the source about 10 years ago on all Kid Frosts crew I wish I still had it. Good looking on the post !!!!!!

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