Th3 l34d3rs 0f th3 n3w sch00l v1.0

The Leaders Of The New School

Too Much On My Mind
Teachers Don’t Teach Us Nonsense
Case of The P.T.A.
Sound Of The Zeekers @#^**?!
from A Future Without A Past (1991, Elektra)

This is a very incredible album from the Uniondale, NY natives LONS. Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Busta and DJ Cut Monitor Milo raised some hell on 17 tracks and never let the energy go down, not even for a split second. The concept follows LONS through a typical day in school and all the tirades and things one gets into. It’s very fun but also has its moments thru afrocentric commentary, so it definitely went good for the socially conscious and party people in that time era. The production work was split up between LONS (Milo left “Case of The P.T.A.” smoking hot) , Vietnam from The Bomb Squad (Whhhaaatt!!), The SD50’s and The Vibe Chemist Backspin. The combination of lyricists and production is way on point. I’ve posted up 4 classics from this album… By all means, Buy the fuckin album in any format you heart desires. It’s one that just will never leave your crate or cd player or iPodNano.


  1. big ups to all those bangers. I take for granted how sick this album was. “Sobb Story” is my joint.


  2. Alot of people sayin’ I should have put “Sobb Story” up. Maybe on the v2 of this post.


    • Anonymous
    • October 2nd, 2005

    what about the remix to international zone coaster?
    shits nice

  3. thanks againf or the memories man. for real

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