2mex is too fresh

2Mex pledging resistance

Ghost Writer
Control Mexicana
Wonderful Memories
It Will (the won’t go away rmx)
from B-boys Occupied Mexico LP (2001, Mean Street)

Hey everybody. I know I been gone for like a month. I just been handlin my last semester in undergrad life. So what we have here, is one of my fav MC artists-2Mex. I guess I’ll spot check names: he was part of the undergound duo “Of Mexican Descent” with Xoloxanxinxo and hooked up with the Visionaries. His style and delivery always impressed me, I can admit I don’t understand all the wordplay and references that are always goin on, but his shit is raw. He always rocks a nice signature westcoast delivery and alliteration so smoothly and some (the late Rob1) may have credited him for the original ideal of Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics—can anyone confirm this?

This album, “B-boys Occupied Mexico” ranges for you more traditional boom bap heads. All quality though, just look at the producers: Omid (OD) of Beneath the Surface fame, DJ Nobody, and Mum’s the Word among these tracks. I picked the tracks off the more traditional lean. I find it real fresh 2mex drops tracks like “Control Mexicana” in espanol–maybe Audio1 can hook up the translation. 2Mex is really conscious with the Mexican identity and transcends that pretty well in his music–the tones of a general distrust and resistance to the mainstream–I vibe off when I listen to him and Xolo.

Look out for 2mex new Counter Culture LP dropped this past year. I unfortunately still need to catch up on his catalog–anyone know a place still hookin up copies of OMD’s “exitos y mas” and 2mex and Mum’s the word Mindclouders project? Thanks and enjoy!


    • Anonymous
    • October 4th, 2005

    Yeah, it happened on Rob One’s Westcoast Indies Mixtape. Rob mixes in Alphabet Aerobics at the end of side 2 and about a minute into it, Rob scratches the record up, destroys it, and says he’ll have no biting on is mix. He proceeds to put 2mex’s “Audible Angels” from the first Visionaries album, which is a better song. It’s one of my favorite mixtapes.

    jose g.r.

  1. I thought he put on SunGodSons-Keeper Of The Keys….


    • nesta
    • October 13th, 2005

    Well Slug kicked the alliterative rhymes on Atmosphere’s 1st album in ’97…looks like that Visionaries album dropped in ’98.

    • Anonymous
    • October 17th, 2005

    on the subject of alliteration perhaps you guys should go back and study Kool Moe Dee or at least someone like Redman.

    there’s nothing new under the sun…

    i would never credit slug for innovating any new lyrical style.

    • Anonymous
    • October 18th, 2005

    2Mex is brilliant. You can actually find the Mindclouders CD on Amazon.–>

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