Are we Tranzlators or Refugees?

The Fugees

from Blunted on Reality (1994, Columbia)

How Many Mics
from The Score (1996, Columbia)

Ready Or Not (Salaam’s Ready For The Show Remix)
from Ready Or Not 12″ (1996, Columbia)

Word was going around that The Fugees were back together and working on a new album. My immediate thought is “ah, cool..” I was drivin’ in the ride on Friday when I heard the new Fugees track getting play on KMEL. Its cool… I think after many years they could have come off a lil better but what can you do… Wyclef still on his lil trip, Pras got a super short rhyme at the end and Lauryn had the best verses even tho she ran thru them like she had to go pee badly in the studio. Very forced to say the least. I dug up some of their older material where it was just 100% bomb. We will see what the rest of their new material will sound like. I’m praying that they take it back to OG styles, but even Boogaleo has already been disappointed as was I by this new effort. So check these 3, One from Blunted on Reality, One from The Score and one from the A-Side of their “Ready or Not” 12″


  1. i think wyclef is the best.

    dope mp3s!!! please drop a comment!we neew feedback…

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