Farewell Fondle ‘Em Fossils!

Bobbito & Fondle ‘Em

The Cenobites (Nomad 10-7 And X-74) feat. Bobbito-Kick A Dope Verse
Scienz Of Life-Powers Of Nine Ether (Distorted Views Of Life)
DJ Eli, Breeze, Q-Unique, Godfather Don, J Treds, M.F. Doom-Fondle ‘Em Fossils

from Farewell Fondle ‘Em (2001, Def Jux)

I’ve slept on my blog duty for a minute now, so here’s my latest belated contribution. In 1995 Bobbito Garcia founded the independent hiphop label, and up to 2001, he owned and operated it’s progression. It’s an infamous name of the underground, that never really got widespread shine. Bobbito and his label were responsible for introducing artists such as MF DOOM & Grimm, Scienz Of Life, Cage, The Arsonists among others.

This was obviously a label, or a collection of artists who would never get mass media attention, or heavy corporate radio rotation. And this mix marks the life and death of this weird, edgy label. There’s nothing commercial about a single facet of this mixtape from the curious freestyle from Kool Keith, or Bobbito featuring himself on the Cenobites track “Kick A Dope Verse”. Freestyles and weird interludes complete this mix, and the list of obscure artists carries on through the CD. A clear highlight is the freestyle cipher between El-P and J Treds, one half of Indelible MC’s. MHz, Juggaknots, Jakki The Mota Mouth & Y@K Ballz all also feature.

There’s no way to really describe this mix, without hearing the whole thing front to back, so I’m going to include “Kick A Dope Verse” by the Cenobites, “The Powers Of Nine Ether” by Scienz Of Life and the final track on the album “Fondle ‘Em Fossils” which features DJ Eli, Breeze, Q Unique, Godfather Don, J Treds & MF Doom!! Something to note is, none of these tracks carry a similar sound, signifying the dynamic sound of this label, no signature sound, and I think that’s dope!

Bobbito is currently launching a new label; Fruitmeat Records, and that’s destined to be the next chapter.

-Matthew Benson

  1. Props on another great post. A lot of the other mp3 blogs I check are lost in the struggle of trying to be the first to post new tracks that have just been leaked. That’s great and all, but it gets boring, too. I appreciate you guys for just focusing on featuring quality shit. Thanks…

  2. I was just listening to this mix a few weeks ago. Another favorite of mine is the Arsonists singing “Night to Remember.” Hilarious. Good post.

  3. “http://www.goinchat.com/blogs/viewstory/749 Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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