A tribute to Paul C. part 1

Black Rock & Ron

Stop The World
Gettin’ Large
My Hometown
(from Stop the World, RCA 1989)

Alright, if you don’t know about the legendary Paul C by now, you probably need a late pass. I got one when I read this beautiful Dave Thompkins
piece courtesy of The Crunkster.
In a nutshell, Paul McKasty aka Paul C. aka Paul McNasty has helped to lay down the blueprint for sampling hiphop today, being Large Professor’s mentor, and would set the standards of “chopping” and “panning” drums as Premier and Pete Rock were still schoolin. His discography ranges from Ultramagnetic, Organized Konfusion, Latifah, to Rakim- talk about serious. On a personal aesthetic note, Paul C was straight bboy flava.
His approach to make cohesive and to combine different samples to create a new sound is unparalleled. On the opening tribute I feature one of the more off-the-radar groups he laced with, Black Rock & Ron. Whom the trio had made some charts in the U.K. Not so much info off hand. Enjoy.

  1. YOu are taking me back with that one.

  2. BRR were out of Hollis, Queens and rode the coat-tails of Run DMC in terms of emcee style. Stop The World (the album) was bloody amazing though, and came in 2 different flavors – a US release, and a later Euro release with several new tracks replacing some old faves off the US one.

    • Anonymous
    • October 15th, 2005

    Paul C is massive dope. I got most of his tracks and can treuly say: Thats pretty fly 4 a white guy. U can quote me that because its got noyhing 2 do with that sell out shit. Peace and R.I.P.

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