Jamal Fades Em All


Fades Em All
Keep It Real
Genetic For Terror (feat. Erick Sermon, Redman, Keith Murray and L.O.D.)
from Last Chance, No Breaks (1995, Rowdy)

“Who the fuck wanna see JAMAL, I Fades em all!!” That set the tone for a cat who grew from a juvenile mic thug to hardcore rhymer in less than 2 years. He used to share the mic as part of Illegal alongside Lil’ Malik. Yall might remember them from such standout tracks as “Head or Gut” and “We Getz Busy”. These were the 2 cats who used to diss Kriss Kross and Quo upon command. Around 94, Jamal joined Def Squad and began work on the “Last Chance, No Breaks” effort. Jamal comes thru with a lot of energy and roughneck lyricism. The album has some stand out guests like Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman and L.O.D. Even George Clinton (!) made an appearance on an album cut. The production is straight platinum underground funk with the green eyed bandit, Easy Mo Bee, Rockwilder and the funk doctor spock Redman behind the boards. Here is 4 of the dopest cuts on the album. Bump this loud while you mob down the boulevard!


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