The Natural

Mic Geronimo

Masta I.C. (feat. Royal Flush)
Shit’s Real
Men Vs. Many (feat. OC and Royal Flush)
Time To Build (feat. DMX, Ja Rule and Jay-Z)
from The Natural (1995, Blunt Recordings)

Whenever I think of Mic Geronimo, I think back to Kevvy Kev on The Drum and skipping school for free rides on BART to SF. Mic Geronimo struck down hard with this first effort “The Natural”, where he weaves tales of the day to day hustle on the blocks of Queens. He spits with a clean and thorough rhyming approach and is backed by some incredible production from the likes of Buckwild (Masta IC), The Beatminerz (Men Vs. Many) and Irv Gotti (Shit’s Real / Time To Build) amongst others. O.C. and Royal Flush appear on several tracks and you also get DMX, Jay-Z and Ja Rule before they blew up. That’s the Irv Gotti connection going on there. Ja was kinda aight when he was in Cash Money Clik. Some good times when this album dropped and its always good to go back and reminisce on some ol’ grimey boombap. Enjoy.


    • Zilla
    • August 29th, 2005

    Ahh Mic Geronimo….basically Nas lite on some smooth Queens lyricism. He was sooo close to being the next big thing…and then Puffy and Mase blew up. So Masta I C decidely to enroll Puffy to jiggafy it up on his second album and proceeded to fall off the face of the earth.
    And since Mic basically pulled Irv Gotti into the industry (remember their cameo in the video for “Flava in Ya Ear Remix?”), how could Irv not at least throw Mic on some Murda Inc tracks? Like Cadillac Tah or Black Child could really fuck with Geronimo on some rhymes?
    Anyway, my favorite Mic Geronimo memory is seeing him on MTV’s “Sex in the 90s” when he was living with this broad named Milky, and he was defending his heinous shower curtain. Not many underground MC’s have done that!

    • Anonymous
    • August 30th, 2005

    Yeah this is prime 90s slop here. Love them drums and scratches on Masta IC forever. QU smash us sissies!

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