Taste The Secret… with a Meatshake

Ugly Duckling

Abigail Silk
La Revolucion
Rio De Janeiro

from Taste The Secret (2003, Emperor Norton)

Its good to know that throughout the thug mentalists and extreme braggadocio that is rampant in hiphop, There is at least a group that could sit back and laugh their ass of at everyone else. We are speaking of Ugly Duckling, who’s retro style mashes up funny 60’s parodies, 80’s old skool hiphop and fuses it with a fresh soundtrack for today’s standards. They made the playlist on many occasions on the now defunct Skratchlab Radio. Andy and Dizzy trade off funky fresh rhyme styles as Young Einstein cuts up the choiciest beats. He takes cue from many genres and backgrounds as these 3 tracks I post prove his versatility in production. They seem to be happy go lucky types who spit it the way it should be, as it happens. They worked at a fast-food spot named Meatshake and If any of you have ever worked Food Service, You’d probably have hella funny stories to rhyme about. Taste The Secret… I dunno about Meat in my Milkshake… It might be better than yours!


    • studentloner
    • August 18th, 2005

    eistein is the most underrated producer out. always consistent.
    andy is one of my favourite mcs as well.
    nice picks. my 3 favourites on that album.

  1. I think “Opening Act” is a perfect example of how UD is able to laugh, mostly at themselves. Good stuff.

  2. UD are extremely underrated full stop. Abigail Silk is my favourite track on “Meatshake” – check out “Fresh Mode” & “Journey To Anywhere” if you haven’t already

  3. Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

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