Mario Dones (Mixed by Audio1)

Mario Dones
Accidents Happen (Mixed By Audio1)

Intro (Nick Tha 1nda sings)
Mario Dones-Accidents Happen (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones-Sweet 16 (Produced by Shortaay)
Mario Dones-Too Many (Produced by Classik)
Metah feat. Mario Dones-Above The Clouds (Produced by Spen for Wax Academics)
Mario Dones feat. Nxt Lvl & Eye M Woman-Rise To The Occasion (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones-Tell Me (Produced by Nick Tha 1da for Eth Nick Productions)
Mario Dones-Sole Vibe Drop (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Slo-Mo featuring Mario Dones-Get Her (Produced by mo0 for Beat Fanatic Productions)
Brian’s Lament (Interlude) (Performed by Brian Francis)
AV featuring J Fish & Mario Dones-My City (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones feat. EMS-Touch Down (produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones-Get Loose (Produced by Zaire)
Dante Jenkins (Interlude) (Performed and Produced by Zaire)
Mario Dones-Too Many (Midnight NeMix) (Produced by NeMo for Strangaz Productions)
Chapter 13 featuring Mario Dones-Microphone Hands On Experience (Neblina Records Contest Entry)
Laif featuring Lexicon & Mario Dones-Obstacles (Produced by A Minor)
Mario Dones-Listen (Produced by Origimoz)
Mario Dones-Feels Good (Bonus Track)

So 3 weeks ago (recap), I hit yall off with an exclusive joint from my folks Mario Dones from the Soul Vibe Family, The Accidents Happen mixtape. I finally got my ass up and put together a mixed version of the Accidents Happen release. I rearranged the order of the tracks (somewhat) and came up with some smooth/clean mixes and clever blends of Mario’s instrumentals and acapellas. The interludes are straight comedy. While many albums out there are boring, Mario breaks the monotony of others by bringin’ a comedic element in with fresh rhymes and ill beats to the tables. I got to end it with yet another unreleased exclusive from Mr. Dones. Grab the Original here and check out the mixed version by yours truly. Don’t sleep on Soul Vibe family. They got some great efforts from all their members including Slo-Mo (check out his mixtape too), the awesome production styles of Keelay, Zaire, J Fish, The Whooligan and of course, The Dones MC. Visit their site for more details.


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