Lookaway now.

Questionmark Asylum
“Hey Lookaway”
“You Don’t Understand”
from The Album (1995, RCA)

I’ve been on this summer reminiscin tip lately, and I guess my prior posts reflect that kind of vibe, shouts to O-Dub for bustin out with the summer sizzlin music series. YO, I wish I had Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” on me right now! Anyway, I posted one of the tracks I remember one hot summer, ok all of Florida’s summers are hot, but this one seemed to be extra hot, and Questionmark’s lyrics bring back memories of those useless summers–where the whole plan would be to wake up, watch X-men, holler at your homie, steal his Marvel cards you were missing, feel bad later in the day, and decide to give it back sometime later in the summer. HEYYY lookaway.
I honestly thought this group blew up more, but they just had that single and fizzled out. Questionmark Asylum is Mistafiss, Rosta Swan, Digge Doms, and Ding Ding. You can say they sound a little..just a little bit like Pharcyde. I wonder how come they never collabo’d. They seemed to be local town D.C. faves and the only recent noise I been hearin from them is a Mistafiss & Digge Doms production track for Lil Zane (Money Stretch and Callin Me). Questionmark Asylum was their motto I guess.


  1. Damn, I remember the ? Asylum. Funny thing is, despite the slight buzz they had I never bothered to pick up their album, which is a damn shame.

    • Anonymous
    • July 26th, 2005

    Hey Look Away is actually a really dope track and yeah they do sound a lot like the Pharcyde. Everyone around this time who had a high pitch voice was compared to the Pharcyde. Just one of those groups that came and went….

    • Anonymous
    • July 27th, 2005

    This was summer of 95. These brothers was cool its a shame they couldnt follow this tune up. Inspired by a city thats rotting from within..DC smash u sissies!

  2. Seein’ that I’m a little older than most folks (35) I really dig the 90s vibe of things. “Hey Lookaway” was (is) the jam that I still pull out every now and then and enjoy the memories. Like the Boogiemonsters’s “Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress” and Dred Scott’s “Check the Vibe” “Hey Lookaway” gives me that summer feeling (peace to O-Dub).
    For me, it’s not whether were they were labeled “one hit wonders” cuz really who isn’t at one point or another (with a few exceptions)? I apprecite the good music and memories, period. Good lookin’!

  3. thanks Leo for the dope post… should have let me known and I would have busted out the “Get With You/I’d Rather Be With You” 12 inch with the remixes on it. That was some dope music from back then…

  4. DC!!!!

    • Anonymous
    • October 17th, 2005

    Would anyone happen to have those tracks on MP3? I can’t find those joints anywhere in the stores. I am in Houston, so that should tell you something. If anyone has some info, please email me at imhotep06@mochasuiteSPAM.com

    Take off the word “SPAM” before sending. Thanks in advance.

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