Click click BOOYAA!

Anyone remember the Blue City Strutters?

Bang On (ft. Mack 10)
911 (ft. Eminem & B-Real)
Take Yo Fade (ft. Crooked I, Eastwood, Kokane)
from West Koasta Nostra (2003, Sarinjay)

What’s poppin? BOOYAA TRIBE keepin the flava on here pretty close to their G-funk roots with beats courtesy of Battlecat. I can picture fellow Samoan Suga Pop boogaloo-rollin with approval. So my question is, from the first interview I saw with them on the old school doc Breakin & Enterin, what happened between now and then? I mean you had Ice-T with some corny raps tryna bust some footwork fallin all over the place, and everyone and their homie with a poppin routine. I guess like the rest of the nation hiphop spread like wild fire and once it all burnt out, people embraced it with their local surroundings. Gangsta rap was in full effect as gangbangin culture exchanged their white gloves for handguns, ok, I’m oversimplifying.
We can’t deny the LONG tradition of funk style dancing–lockin, poppin, bottin, boppin, wavin, saccin, struttin–which existed about a decade before hiphop caught fire on the westcoast existing alongside with the gangsta culture. So shit was already in place before hiphop came around, and thus, people flipped it. (Any first-hand accounts agree?)
So from being the Blue City poppin legends to rap-metal pioneers, we have Carson, CA’s BOOYAA TRIBE. I think this album went under the radar as all production is solid and not to mention Eminem RIPS it on his own produced track, 9-1-1. Don’t sleep if you into this classic G-funk sound.


    • Anonymous
    • July 23rd, 2005

    It’s not called Carson City neeyuh, it’s just Carso, so you would say Carson’s Boo-yaa…not Carson City’s Boo-Yaa….Carson City is in Nev, I though you knew.

  1. sonned.

    misled by the “carson city” title track. maybe BOOYAA just wanna be claimin it like that?

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