Da Fat Gangsta

Fat Joe Da Gangsta

Da Fat Gangsta
Flow Joe
You Must Be Out of Your Fuckin’ Mind
from Represent (1993, Relativity)

Mr. Joey Crack is a changed man. Similar to Xzibit, He is salivating the taste of success, which he used to rhyme about in the mid-nineties. He basically shut 50 Cent down in recent times and has had a slew of #1 hits in top 40 radio. Rewind back about 12 years and you get a gritty and grimy Fat Joe Da Gangsta. I first heard of him thru an old friend, Randy Taylor-Weber from Galaxy Records. He used to sell tapes and cd’s at the Coliseum swap meet and he kicked me Fat Joe’s single for Represent. I was immediately hooked. Tales of the rough street life and making ends meet at any cost, painted a surreal picture in my mind. Watching him on BET and it was true. The Bronx was definitely no joke. Pretty much the streets of NY are crazy, just like they are out here. In a sense, He isnt a changed man. He is still the same Joey Crack but now with bigger success. Here are 3 dope tracks off his Represent album. At another time, I’ll dig up more of his joints, because he had a gang of good ones. Im not going to hate on his success at all. He definitely kept on the grind all these years and proves that persistence pays off, at some point. Respect.


  1. Fat Joe surprised me when his debut came out, because he really hadn’t given much of an indication of his DITC-worthiness prior to that…much less to receive so many banging productions for Represent. The earliest appearance that I can recall was his little cameo on Diamond D’s album. No one was really clamoring for Fat Joe, but his first two albums hold their own in the DITC archives.

  2. do you have that joint he did with party arty and grand puba, begs no friends?I’ve been looking for that shit for fucking ever


  3. Thanks for the flashback. His first LP made me think about that Diamond and Puba joint- remember when they were in the limo in Joe’s video? Classic. A few favorites of Joe are The Shit Is Real DJ Premier remix and The Enemy f/ Big L RIP.

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