Dynamic Duo: AZ and Nas

AZ and Nas

from Serious 12″ (2005, Fast Life)

Nas-The Honeymoon Is Over
from White Label 12″ (2005, White Label)

Life’s a Bitch and then you die, that’s why we puff lah…. It was about 10 years ago when that AZ/Nas collabo was all over the mixtape circuit. Fast forward 10 years in time and you still got 2 cats who demolish the microphone with alot of style and finesse. We all know Nas has had a great share of success in that time, doing all sorts of things in hiphop. AZ on the other hand has had a issues keeping him from the success he deserves ranging from label probs to lack of focus and inner beef with his crew.

Time flies and new recordings and bootlegs come about. I picked up these records recently and was trippin’ at how fresh AZ and Nas sounded together. The Serious beat on this one really reminds me of the Beasties “rhymin and stealin”… naw… “Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun” style. They put a Hot drum loop and conga sample coupled with a single heavy guitar chord every once and a while. AZ and Nas bring the ill lyrics on this track. Refreshing to my ears to say the very least. I’ve also included a white label that has a newer Nas joint, The Honeymoon Is Over and 2 recent AZ joints, Chillin’ and Freestyle, which sounds like it came from a recent Kayslay mixtape. Enjoy. I might bust out the classic AZ/Nas joints later this week.


  1. When was ‘Serious’ recorded?

  2. Sometime last year, during the Street’s Disciple sessions.

  3. Ah ok. Thanks.

  4. Ah, I wasnt aware of that. Seemed pretty recent to me, sicne it was in the “New Arrivals” section and it has 2005 posted on it. Good looking out. Cant deny that its hot.

    • Anonymous
    • July 12th, 2005

    Serious is fire!

    Wasn’t on ‘Disciple’ haven’t seen it on the tracklist for ‘AWOL’

    Will it ever get an offical release, or another mixtape classic?

    Lets get some ‘How Ya Livin’ up. That was my theme song for the summer of ’97. (Featured on a ghetto gold DJ Clue tape. Cluminotti maybe?)

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