Please ladies and gentlemen don’t stop…

Blow your whistle
Don’t Stop
from Blow Your Whistle EP (6 Hole, 2002)

Here’s some regional rap for the nation. Enter Asamov: J-won-da, Basic, Therapy, & Willie Evans Jr. They’re four funky brothers who love to rock a show, and individually they’ve been holdin down this scene for years. From the crates to the stage, there’s no half-steppin for the Asamov crew: four MC’s, three DJ’s, and miles of skills. I think it’s dope to always have local hiphop makin noise where you’re at, forreal, if you’re not reppin, you better get on it or support!

Here’s the first two singles from their first EP. Most of the Asamov crew’s been creepin on the production side lately, Therapy (who’s the tour DJ for the Perceptionists) had some beats off Akrobatik’s Balance LP, Willie Ev produced three tracks off of the new Perceptionists album, and Basic dropped two Bboy CD’s. Newest word is Willie Ev’s LP is going to be released soon by Philadelph-crate-diggin legend Soulman! Be on the lookout, for more recent Asamov flava, check here. JUST DOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIIT. 904 DUUUVAL county J-ville shit for ya freedom day. Peace


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