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from At The Speed Of Life (Loud, 1996)

X-zibit’s come a long way from rockin the mic to flyin out of airplane commercials. This was one of the first hiphop songs I ever bought, you know that feeling when you’re a kid and you have the most freshest beat stuck in your head for days? This was it, and in hindsight I guess X coulda been attackin the array of big willie rappers during that era. Same shit different year, funny thing I remembered this track off of some pop song who ganked the opening violin, who took it?


  1. M Ceezy, The Rap Pundit from the iManifest blog, just featured the X man. He was a dope ass MC. Even now, His persona is pretty coo. I’ll get some Mo XtothaZ tracks up.


  2. you remember on the makaveli album, how one of the outlawz dissed him for this track?

  3. Good lookin out Audio1…this is a service to all these young bucks coming up in the world today who are still playing catch-up on Xzibit’s earlier work. X to the Z used to kick some real heartfelt lyrics over no-crossover beats.

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