Ice Cream Tee melts the microphone

Ice Cream Tee
Can’t Hold Back
Come On
To Be Continued
from Can’t Hold Back (Uni, 1989)

Everyone who’s up on Bettina Clark aka Ice Cream Tee will know the deal. Apparently from Philly, she was down with the budding hiphop scene there, did a track with Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff on “Guys ain’t nothin but trouble”, and dropped this solid LP. Tee’s flow is a testament to the strong (often unnoticed) women reppin the Hiphop scene in the late 80s and belongs with Queen Latifah and MC Lyte for the ability to hold the mic right and spit her views.

Penning her own lyrics, Tee rips the mic with premium production from the legendary Jazzy Jay. I honestly haven’t heard too much of Jazzy Jay’s productions but these have the Brokebboys stamp of approval. I don’t know any recent info about Ice Cream Tee, so if anyone has any leads, post us up!


  1. Last seen in Florida mashin out tracks.

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