Riding inna Kidnapper’s Van

Foreign Legion
Nowhere To Hide
Full Time BBoy
from Kidnapper Van: Beats to Rock While Bike Stealin’
(2000, Insiduous Urban)

Feel The Music
from Deep Concentration, Vol. 4: Wreckin’ the Floor (2003, OM Records)

A small post for today. I was diggin’ thru my old LP’s and ran into “Kidnapper Van” from the bay area own Foreign Legion. Word has it that DJ Design and Prozack grew up together in the 408 and met Marc Stretch at a show and that was that.. They soon became Foreign Legion.. In 1999, They dropped their first 12″ “Underground” (which is one of my most favorite tracks ever) via ABB Records. That soon followed the “Kidnapper Van” album, which was a strong effort for them, with highlight tracks like “Nowhere To Hide” and “Full Time BBoy”. Today you get those 3 tracks and a standout track from the Deep Concentration 4/Wrecking The Floor release, “Feel The Music”… These dudes are real tight (n/h). Great lyrics, metaphors and insightful imagery with some incredible production handled by DJ Design himself. Check the technique!


Peace to John Kelly over at Know The Ledge for givin’ BrokeBBoys a shoutout as one of his 4 top blogs. Nuff respect… Peace to everyone who’s helped spread the word on BrokeBBoys and all the dope blogs out there.

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