Dangerous Mice

Danger Mouse

Dangermouse and Jemini
Omega Supreme
from Ghetto Pop Life (2004, Lex Records)

Prince Po feat. Jemini and Cairo
Fall Back
from The Slickness (2004, Lex Records)

DangerDoom (Danger Mouse and MF Doom)
Mince Meat
from [Adult Swim] Presents DangerDoom (2005, Epitaph)

One more hiphop affiliate to take his name from a cartoon, Dangermouse, has played a prominent role on many recent revolutionary rhythmic outings. Producer of the aforementioned electro-funk-indi-hiphop fusion known as Gorillaz, not to mention his discontinued effort ‘The Grey Album’, which (as we all know by now) fused together the unlikely pairing, of the Beatles white album instrumentals (with a firm touch of hiphop) and Jay Z’s apparent “final” album.

I really got into Dangermouse when he was teamed up with Lex MC ‘Jemini The Gifted One’, Brooklyn’s most underachieving MC. “Ghetto Pop Life” is their joint, and it comes with very nice cover art work (for those who judge a CD by the sleeve). This album really has too many songs which bang to list, a few standouts are “Ghetto Pop Life”, “What U Sittin’ On” ft/ The Liks & “Omega Supreme”… Those three songs appear in the first half of the CD, and to an extent it tapers off, but “Knuckle Sandwhich” closes the album with a punch, and there’s other high points of the album, including a guest spot for J Zone (“Even Britney can’t get it for free”).

What else of that Beat Mouse? He put in work on the dissapointing return to the spotlight of O.K’s Prince Po, Producing no-less than 3 of the tracks, all of which are impressive, “Love Thang”, “Social Distortion” ft/ MF DOOM & “Fall Back” where he meets up with Jemini once again and features Cairo as well. One for the future, is the impending release, DangerDoom, which is a collaboration between Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming, Danger Mouse and MF Doom.

A year after his 2004 breakthrough, he’s collecting the magazine plaudits – “Hottest HipHop Producer In The World” by NME, shortlisted as one of GQ’s “Men Of The Year”, Spin dubbed him their “Eccentric Genius Of The Year”, Entertainment Weekly handed him “AlbumOf The Year”.. the decorations are clear. Little known to most he also made a few albums under the alter ego ‘Pelican City’, which is on a trip-hop/Portishead like vibe, information about those releases is illusive to say the least, but they are available on CD Baby.

Dangermouse a.k.a Pelican City a.k.a Brian Burton recently teamed up with Robin Rimbaud, otherwise known as Scanner to make the Soundtrack-esque EP “Pelican City Vs Scanner”. Either way, as usual, 3 tracks for you to mull over.


-Matt B

  1. ha ha, coincidences of coincidences…

    Nice track selection 😉

    Seriously tho, been following the broke bboys for about a couple weeks now and am enjoying the posts.

  2. Doom isn’t up to his standards on that track.

  3. Yeah, I agree. Hopefully he can hold up the rest of the album…

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