Rap Dabblers?

November Has Come (feat. MF Doom)
Feel Good Inc.
from Demon Days (2005, Virgin)

The un-placable (in any definitive genre) Gorillaz have now established their position in the standings of musics most experimental. Electro funk? indie rock? Hiphop? Their new album ‘Demon Days’ attempts to merge those components. But I’ve heard it, and it sucks, my interest is in 2 songs from that release in particular. Firstly “November Has Come” featuring one of the undergrounds most prolific darlings, MF DOOM. The beat, as with all the beats on the album, is created by Dangermouse, being overseen by the ex Blur lead-vocalist Damon Albarn. And about that particular beat maestro, Dan The Automator was the old Gorillaz rhythm sculptor, on ‘Demon Days’ he’s conspicuous by his absence. So there are roots in hiphop inherent within the group. I’m a big fan of “November Has Come”, you can make your minds up on that one.

“Feel Good Inc” is the other track with hiphop ties. They are, however, marginal. It doesn’t play like a hiphop track, but I put it up because of its hiphop components. I confess to enjoying it, and owning the 7″ single. Very nice upbeat track.

“Kids With Guns” contains a sample of Salt N’ Pepa’s “Push It” on the hook, but I’ll refrain from upping that track..


-Matt B

  1. “Demon Days” is a quality CD. The two tracks you mention and “Dare” are the best on it.

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