Swing Sump’n Ruff!
Old Skool Beat
from Swing Sump’n Ruff 12″ (1993, Boomin’ Records)

So I played a rave last night in Oakland. My boy Tek Threat did a 15 minute turntablist showcase and straight killed it. Watch out for him in the DMC’s this year. I wasnt feelin like playing Jungle so I brought a stack of classic rap and hip-hop joints. I tagged team on 4 turntables with my folks DJ Resistance and It was on… skratchappy 80’s/90’s hiphop steez… we dropped everything Snoop, Dre and The Doggpound to KRS-One, Rakim, Federaion, E-40, Mac Dre to MC Brains and Mellow Man Ace… and they say hip-hop shouldnt be played at raves?? Bitch please… muthafuckas was moshing and freaking all out… No wonder I just woke up at 2:00PM.

Was a good night and Here I am posting the next bit of new school hiphop tracks via the homies Ruff-N-Rugged, who I really no info on whatsoever. These 2 joints of their single slam hard, with that ultra-funkula style from the early 90’s. I saw somewhere that they are from The Bay Area but I dunno. If anyone has any info, definitely post a comment. Enjoy this lazy sunday afternoon. They just opened up a POLLO SUPREMO out here. Gotta peep that out. Later!


    • Anonymous
    • June 14th, 2005

    Yo i did the logo for RnR they are Flint, MI …thought i would never see that cover again ….



  1. I saw on the label that it said Flint, Michigan. That’s dope man. any info on the group and what ever happened to em? I picked up this 12″ on chance and it was a dope one.

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