I’m hittin MC’s like (“Hoo-yu-ken!”)

The Lady of Rage & DJ Premier

The Lady Of Rage
Microphone Pon Cok (feat. Madd1 of A.O.D.)
Some Shit
from Necessary Roughness (1997, Death Row Records)

Yall remember her from Afro Puffs and running with Dre, Snoop and them. The Lady of Rage is today’s BrokeBBoys spotlight. Alot of folks hated on her, but I always thought she was dope on the mic … She defintiely could handle herself against MC’s (male or female) with her bag of skills and delivery. I recently found out that she was a member of the LA Posse (MC Breeze and company) so that definitely shows what background she came from. She did strike like a storm with numerous appearances on Deathrow albums and movie soudntracks… then Afro Puffs, that set the precedent for what was to come..

Unfortunately, We all know how Death Row operated back then… It took til June 1997 for Necessary Roughness to drop and It was worth the wait. The album was pretty good, with saucy production from all over and Rage’s incredible flow. Today Im posting 2 tracks that were produced by DJ Premier. She sounds velvety over his production… Kinda sounds like Paula Perry bit her styles, who knows… I believe that she has gone into acting and some other TV bits … I surely wish she’d come back and tear that mic up once more. We’ll have to wait and see. Enjoy these classics…


  1. Was a dope album indeed. Makes me want to dig through my boxes and find it now. haha

  2. I’ve always given Rage props…is she even still with Death Row? Is anyone?

    I heard DPG is getting together, Daz and Kurupt always brought the best out of each other (their solo LPs have always been….aiiight)

    back to Rage, I thought she would be making tracks with Mad Skillz or Danja Mowf or something…you know trying to build off her Virginia roots.

    and I KNOW Rage said “Hoo-Yu-Ken”

    but from a big Street Fighter fan I’m “finna” school some of yall….it’s actually called “Hadoken”


    • Anonymous
    • June 7th, 2005

    dope album, nice pick

    primo knew whats up, hopefully she’ll drop some more music soon

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