The Jam Def don’t know what to do with!

Prefuse 73 feat. Ghostface and El-P
Hideyaface (OG Mix)
Hideyaface (El-P Mix)
from Hideyaface 12″ (2005, Warp)

How about this! As if Ghost Deini hadn’t done enough for Def Jam with his Pretty Toney album, and now rumours of a full album with none other than MF Doom. How on earth Def Jam would cope with that prospect is beyond me.

But here we have the wonderously experimental Prefuse 73 cutting things up. His predominately instrumental albums have been consistent, but nobody could have forseen the appearance of an above ground legend featured on one of his joints.. There’s also a mic spot for one more experimental head, the non digetic El-P comes with a very impressive double 16. It would be obvious to assume these disparate parts wouldn’t be able to fuse something of cohesion, but this is actually what they did do! I’m more impressed by the (vinyl only) El-P remix which you’ll notice is also available for download. Prefuse includes a pleasant instrumental variation on the album. On that subject pick up the new Prefuse elongated player ‘Surrounded By Silence’ on Warp Records. Def Jam must’ve known they were employing an eccentric experimenting MC.. Surely??

-Matt aka Fu

    • Matt
    • June 5th, 2005

    Thanks for the Elp remix, I love coming to this blog every week..Nice work..As we say in england ..You is the dogs bollocks.

  1. The EL-P mix is definitely better.

    Surrounded by Silence isn’t as good as it looks on paper. The guest spots are fine, but his production is pretty weak compared to his first two albums.

  2. The El P Remix is heat. I picked up the 12″ a few weeks ago. I thought I would never like anything that involved El P after Funcrusher.

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