Asheru & Blue Black of The Unspoken Heard
from Better 12″ (2003, 7 Heads)
Originally released in 1998 as BDS-801

A few words on Asheru, Blue Black and The Unspoken Heard… They are fuckin’ dope. They bring a whole different perspective to the game and to this day continue to be slept on… We take it back to one of their earlier releases from 1998. I first heard this on The Wake up Show when DJ Posatively Red was guest DJing after winning that MTV DJ Battle. Wasn’t that HipHop week weird? It was rather dope to see Jam Master Jay and Grandmaster Flash on the turntables but bleh… Red did do a great job cutting up doubles of this live on the air…

Better is one of my most favorite joints ever. It’s got that flavor that only they can recreate, with beats by Smiley of the Aboriginals and fresh lyrics between Asheru and Blue Black. What’s dope about them is their chemistry… When you hear them on a track, It’s like they are having a real conversation and the listener is the eavesdropper. I also include the B-side headnodder, Smiley, which is a force by itself… I’ve been out of it so I’ll let the music speak for itself… More updates over the weekend. Thanks to Boogaleo and Matt for holding it down.


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