My Auntie Lives In Hackney

Our Time
Daggo Mentality
Son Of Niah
from The Sagas Of.. (2004, Kemet Ent. Records)

Coming out of East London,UK, K-lash has bascially fused the 4 12″‘s he dropped along with some new material and came out with this album. That’s fine, but it lacks a little consistency because of that. The album is a display of West Indian roots spliced with East London conditions, he vents intelligently for the most part, about the usual things that would run through a persons mind; hate, love, racism, life, death. It’s not conscious rap as we know it, it’s alot murkier. He’s frequently labelled as the underground front man for UK hiphop, and to an extent it’s true. I’d still like to hear a full studio album but for now I’ll settle for this. “Our Time” & “Daggo Mentality” are both produced by Lewis Parker, the other song I’ve included is “Son Of Niah” produced by AC.WAR.ION.

Controversially so, I haven’t put up the BIG SINGLE of this album. “It’s Murda” criminally slept on as a 12″, but heavily rotated on pirate radio is billed as being the best this album has to offer. Either way; This whole thing is a nice insight to another persons life, makes me wonder what my auntie thinks of the Hackney area.


-Matt B aka FU

  1. saw the video for its murder and i loved that song. unfortunately cant seem to find k’s album anywhere in north america

  2. I can hook you up with the mp3’s if the desire is there. Or even if you’re looking for the proper CD, I can help. Lemmeknow.

  3. Dope album, check it out if you find it.

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