Operation Lockdown for 2005

Sean Price
Onion Head
Spliff & Wessun feat. Rustee Juxx
Boom Bye Yeah feat. 5FT of Black Moon
from Monkey Barz (2005, Duck Down)

The Boot Camp Clik/Heltah Skeltah MC has at last dropped his solo
album! It’s been close to 10 years. we’ll it’s been “COMING SOON” for at least four years!, where it was listed in the liner notes of his 2001 single “Don’t Say Shit To Ruck”..

And the album emphatically delivers. Sean P has long been recognized in the underground as one who has everything an MC should; Intelligence in his lyrics, un-front-on-able voice and delivery. He’s backed by wonderous production on this. With help from legends Ayatollah and Agallah as well as relative new comers DJ Kryhsis & 9th Wonder this is a peculiar album.

I do believe a number of these tracks/verses are recycled (maybe
re-recorded) versions of ones he’s dropped on various mixtapes. There’s the GTA3 soundtrack tune ‘Rising To The Top’ and I can think of 5-6 other tracks which I’ve previously heard. If you’ve heard the ‘Donkey Sean Jr.’ mixtape then you’ve heard a large portion of this album before! There is a recycled verse on the title track!! DAMN.

The lead single is the up-beat ‘Onion Head’ produced by Kryhsis, but was all the waiting really worth it? I’m currently undecided, but here are 3 tracks for you to start making your own mind up. Show some money for the Brokest Rapped You know! Who has interview quotables like;”My label is bummed out man. That’s why my shit gonna flop cuz my label so shitty nah mean. Tours… they don’t know what a tour is. I’m lucky if I get 4 shows a year. I need somebody to hook me up with some shows man, word.” Also up there is “Spliff & Wessun” ft Rustee Juxx/produced by Ayatollah & “Boom Bye Yeah” ft/ 5Ft (of Black Moon) produced by Tone Mason.


-Matt B aka FU

  1. The links aren’t working.

    • Anonymous
    • May 30th, 2005

    The stream link is working.

  2. Don’t know what’s up with the download.

  3. sorry. the servers were down last night, as they are doing maintenance…

  4. Yo–

    Ruck is and has always been fucking vicious!!! These tracks don’t make me miss Rockness Monsta. I like it when MC’s stick to what they’re best at, and Ruck come through with some NY bangers. No bullshit club tracks, no Dirty South-ish crap, just raw Boot Camp shit.
    I’m coppin this when it drops.

  5. I’ve always loved Heltah Skeltah and look forward to picking this one up. Anyone happen to kow who drew the cover art for this?!?

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