Microphone Master

Das Efx

Mobb Deep

Das Efx
Sewa/41st Side Remix feat. Mobb Deep
Dome Cracker Remix
from Microphone Master 12″ (1995, East/West)

This release comes in relation to the current post over at Rap Nerd. RapNerd#2 was discussing how he’s a big Coldplay fan and it was reported that 50 Cent was a Coldplay fan as well… Fan enough to interpolate a Coldplay song into his latest track, God Gave Me Style. Some unknown cat came up with a hiphop-ish remix of the song “Trouble” and after the hooks, the cat threw in a bit from the “Microphone Masters (Sewa-41st Side Remix)” which features the incredible vocals from the infamous Mobb Deep. This is that classic NYC style from back in 1995… Proper rhyming and choice beats from none other than Easy Mo Bee. I also included the Dome Cracker Remix, which flips the original vocals with a nicely laid back track created by DJ Spinna and Joc Max. You know what time it is with Mid-Nineties Spinna production. We all know how slept-on he is, specially with all the headnodders he concocted at the time. Anyways… Enjoy this… I didnt rip the original since I dont have much time at the moment. More hot beats from the Broke BBoys to come… Stay Tuned.


Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff. He used to rock this record alot back then.

  1. Just wanted to say I apreciate all the work you guys put into ur blog. It is always a pleasure reading what you lot have to say.

    If you wanna give me a look sometime at


    I would appreciate it, even if just for a quick look.


  2. word, Happy Birthday Jeff…

    I always wondered why Mobb Deep was on this song…I mean they arent like “lyrical emcees” they are basically east coast gangsta music, but whatevers clever

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