Diversify yo’ Flows

L’Roneous Da’Versifier
A Place Called This
from Imaginarium (reissue) (2002, Six Months)

L’Roneous Da’Versifier defintely displays a more catch in his flows way better than my attempt at alliteration. (Say word) It was pretty hard picking out three tracks to rock because the album has a lotta heat–complete with the poetic cohesiveness of L’Roneous and live beat production by Dj Zeph. On first listen it’s easy to dismiss him as an Aceyalone soundalike….maybe you folks at the Bay area can help me out on the connection.

Anyways, L’roneous rips it, he has a gift of that natural flow–like you don’t even have to comprehend most of the words to feel his melodic flow on tracks like “L’chemy”. Now when you do check the lyrics, L’roneous crafts and paints his pictures clearly, reference the skills on “A Place Called This,”

Some claim to be a player, but in this game, we all pawns
All spawn, by the overlord
We overcame on a petty four-score
of ancient folklore, but the overlord kept plottin
Take, and I’ll give you all the ROTTEN things I’ve gotten
cause it’s hot, in this hell on earth
where you ain’t worth a nickel
And you can’t even see the shit that makes your cells go sickle

Get ready for the L’rony ride.


  1. BoogaLeo killin it…


  2. haha….word L’Rony was the fresh. Back in 1998 kids on the bay area underground were like “yo he’s the next shit to blow up” he never got that huge though.

    but yo…I’m gonna lace you guys with another joint

    it’s from Elusive’s “Deceiving the Right Eye of Confusion” album (1998)

    this album was the fresh shit for that summer…it had Legends, Mikah, AbRude…all produced by Elusive (which he has a new album out btw)

    this is Mikah 9 and L-Roneous…I forgot the name of this shit but here it is..



  3. damn I should be a contributer

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