Boogie Down Doom

chillin in a bboy stance..

Money Folder Remix
from Mind Fusion vol. 1 (Stones Throw, 2005)
+ hidden exclusive

So I’m on this real old school trip right about now. Right when I heard this flip on Madlib’s recently released mix I went BONKERS. Do you know what he’s messing with? It seems Madlib has been experimentin on that 808 sound, is he samplin directly off or is he playin it himself? Who knows, but I think this joint does this justice.

The latter is a heralded bboy classic. When that use to get on, the floor use to immediately clear OUT. I cherish so many rug burns, funny freezes, and battle scars towards that song. Two mysterious producers in full effect, last I read on Mr. Parrish, he released an LP in 1997. Peace


  1. Great post… and Yes, We got some battle scars off of that track as well. That reminds me of lunchtime in school. We had the gymnastics room available for the BBoys every lunchtime. it was dope. Hope people dont sleep on it.

  2. I dont know guys…I’m not feelin it too much.

    I guess it reminds me of “everlasting bass” and I just cant stand that song anymore.

  3. whaaaaaat. “Everlastin Bass” is the joint! but no where near the hypeness of boogie down bronx…guess maybe too electro?

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