Tinseltown To Boogie Down

Scritti Polliti feat. Lee Majors and Mos Def
Tinseltown To Boogiedown
Psycho Les Variation
Ali Shaheed Muhammad Variation
Pete Rock Variation
from Tinseltown to Boogiedown 12″ (1999, Virgin)

Scritti Politti is labeled as soulful rock.. I didn’t exactly find them to be that, but I picked up this single on a whim. With so many dope HIPHOP producers featured on this 12″, how could this not be nice? This is basically 4 remixes of the original version, which sounds like a rock orientated producer (Green Gartside) trying to make a hiphop track. It’s very difficult to listen to… and I won’t mention the hook, but thankfully he handed over production responsibility over to some of hiphops finest…with rhymes from Lee Majors and Mos Def. First comes the Psycho Les ‘variation’, arguably the most impressive beat of the 4. It’s the one I heard first and therefore I associate it with how I think the track should sound. I was thrown off initially by the requirement to play this at 45rpm. Some say this 12″ is rare/collectable, but I’m skeptical, anybody know about that?? The Rob Swift & Pete Rock variations don’t really sit well with me. It’s always a good track, nothing could change that… But the Psycho Les version is the only standout combination (Having said this I began to listen to the Ali Shaheed Muhammad version alot, this is also great!). But I’ll allow you to be the judge. What a dope single! Forget about all the indie rock cats who hated this!
-Matt B

Matt & I had a little discussion regarding this release, as his vinyl is pressed at 45RPM and contains a Rob Swift version, which I’d like to hear now that I’m aware of its existence.. My version is pressed at 33 1/3 RPM and has the 3 remixes and the original. The person who decided to enlist Pete Rock, Psycho Les and Ali Shaheed is very smart. These 3 producers along with Rob Swift turned an otherwise wacky and uninspired original from the Anomie & Bonhomie album into 4 separate masterpieces. I personally enjoy the Ali Shaheed variation best with Psycho Les’ right behind it. The Pete Rock one is OK… He offset the lyrics by a bar or two, giving it an offbeat feeling. That drove me nuts. Whatever floats your boat. Here are 3 for you to chew on.

This is an open call to anyone who wants to do a guest post and gots some good music to share with the world. Please hollate at me and lets make this happen.

  1. oh shnap!…yea Psycho Les kills it, though I think Ali’s version melts the lyrics to one track more…

    btw, was it Z-trip that does this blend to Mystic’s Life?? or Icewater..on of them, I got a headache. peace


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