Welcome to the world of RAMM:ELL:ZEE

Beat Bop pt. 2 (feat. K-Rob)
Pay the Rent (feat. Shockdell)
from The Bi-Conicals of the Rammellzee (2004, Gomma)

Hmmm, forget next level. He’s on the next universe. Next level for Rammellzee was 1983 after dropping the most heralded hiphop singles ever, “Beat Bop” with the late Jean-Michel Basquiat. He’s one of my favorite hiphop pioneers you never really hear about. Ramm was right at the intersection of hiphop breakin out of NYC (being a part of “The New York City Rap Tour” going all over Europe 1982) and the boomin Lower Eastside arts movement (being down with Basquiat). He pops up in all the early hiphop productions, having a short cameo in Style Wars, and is the MC rockin the mic while Rocksteady gets down at the amphitheater. He’s also credited for pioneering the “nasal style” you hear today by the likes of Cypress Hill and Lyrics Born.

So I’m lacing you with the sequel of the classic, complete with tempo changes, Rammellzee’s trademark concepts and delivery, and the rematch with K-Rob. So where’s he been all this time? And why is his new album so fuckin weird? From the last Style Wars interview, Ramm had gotten more involved with his art, actually creating a whole new universe, Gothic Futurism. Goin around the site, he revolves a whole world around tagging: the movement of letters, the secret letters which were supposedly banned by the status quo, and the complete power of them…ummm, word.

As for his new album? It seems to make much more sense comin from that universe angle. The beats are like epic-cosmic-electro shit (taken care of by Poets of Rhythm) “electro” producers wish they could produce, and spontaneous lyrics of….what we know today as THE RAMMELLZEE. So I honestly think the tracks on here are the more accessible “traditional” tracks from the album. Whether on another universe or not, I welcome the pure innovation and creativity flava Rammellzee continues to bring. It doesn’t even sound forced.


    • A Hip Hop Afficianado
    • May 14th, 2005

    I was so tired. Ready for bed. Then I found the beatbop 2 track. gotta keep my eyes open long enough to put it on the iPod. ..faith … restored. Thank you.

  1. whoa… Leo came thru with the sickness on the latest post. those are some hot joints. surprised that he’s still kickin the verbals down.

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