Double XX Posse
Put ya Boots on
The Headcracker
We Got It Goin On’ (Remix)
from Put Ya Boots On (1992, Big Beat)

What’s up,

I’m starting my summer postin with some nitty gritty east coast flava from the Double XX Posse. I got this CD from the used store solely on the namecheck of Stretch Armstrong as execuctive producer. Nice pick, the production is pretty crisp but the lyrics seem pretty standard for ’92. You have the crew choruses in the back which was probably the affiliated posse even though most of the rhymes are handled by Sugar Ray.
“Put Ya boots on” makes me wanna buy some Timberland’s I never had (struttin around Florida was never practical). Followin that track, “The Headcracker” seems to be an updated version of Kurtis Blow’s “The breaks”, whatever happen to these phrases? I’mma bring it back. Goin to Iraq is a headcracker, running out of financial aid? That’s a headcracker. Enjoy.

Oh yea, while surfin through the net I found an old video for “Not gonna be able to do it”, courtesy of nobodysmiling.com.


  1. great post mr. Boogaleo

  2. Big fan of double xx posse. Good to see other cats are checking for them!!!


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