The Good Dwellas

Cella Dwellas
Recognize N Realize
Good Dwellas
We Got It Hemmed
from Realms ‘N Reality (1995, Loud)

Mic technicians Phantasm & UG were destined for glory back in the day with this solid release. Alot of people gave it mixed reviews, but It was pretty decent at the time. Today we feature CELLA DWELLAS, a duo who was sparked up at none other than at a Lyricist Lounge night. Im so fuckin tired from work right now so I’ll spare you all the crazy details and intricacies behind the group. The production was handled by DJ Megahurtz, Nick Wiz, DJ Slice and The Dwellas themselves. The sound is that hardcore east coast style that dominated in the mid-nineties. They got some dope lyrics that delve into a barrage of subject matter, the majority which deals with street life. It can get monotonous but they deliver a well rounded package, full of dope rhymes and thumpin beats. What baffles me is… If theyre from Brooklyn, They spent alot of time in Teaneck, NJ… Im guessin’ there was alot of that going on, especially with EPMD and the Squads… From their debut release, Realms ‘N Reality, I’m posting 3 of my favorite tracks from the album, which are, Recognize N Realize, Good Dwellas and We Got It Hemmed. Spark up your blunt, drink up your brew and go back to a time where music was this dope. I’d rather hear Cella Dwellas in present day hiphop over Lil Jon or anything Reggaeton… Dame mas gasolina…

-El General aka Audio1

  1. Yo,

    Were the cella dwellas that duo with that video of them on that talk show? my memory’s buggin. peace.


  2. yeah boogaLeo “Perfect Combination” I was just watching that video 2 days ago (I have a few tapes full of 90’s hiphop videos)

    but wow Audio…I was just about to say “yo, you should do a piece on the cella dwellaz”


    I always thought the dwellas sounded like underground southern cali shit…they rhyme like they just stepped on stage at Project Blowed or the Goodlife (especially Phantasm) but yeah man…I listen to their first album on the regular

    peace to the “Mystic Freestyle” joint on there

  3. hey X,
    didnt you have this cd back in school? I remember you my favorite one, The Kwest one… hehe

    • mega montana
    • May 12th, 2005

    classic album

  4. yeah man…I had this album since 96

    heh…what a b-boy I am.

  5. yeah X, that cd walkman saved us from a pretty monotonous English class senior year. At least we got to write rhymes and perform em for class. haha…

  6. Yeah this album wasn’t too bad. I wanted to check it out since i heard eric sermon “freestyle” over the good dwellas beat on the first flex tape. That beat is fresh.
    Anyone know what happened to these guys? I remember they changed their name to ‘tha dwellaz’ and dropped a really hot track called “main aim” on the soul in the hole sound track. Not sure where they went from there.

    nice blog btw.


    • Anonymous
    • September 16th, 2005

    UG of the Dwellas will be releasing a solo project soon. He might be signing with Shady Rec.

  7. Realms and Reality def had some classics but I never hear anyone mention there second release The Last shall be first.
    That was a hard album of rawness.
    If you haven’t heard it check it out.

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