No I.D.=Kanye’s Daddy?

No I.D.
Sky’s The Limit
Sky’s The Limit (Remix)
Jump On It

If you ask me, A No I.D. track on the new Common album would have made a world of a difference. Not like anyone cares but It would have been better than the same monotonous style that Kanye brings. If the label wanted Common to sell records, they did right enlisting Kanye… then again, Alot of people sleep on the fact that Kanye learned everything he knows from No I.D. Something fishy going on…

Anyways, Lets take it back to 1997 with this classic No I.D. track featuring Dug Infinite. You got the original version of Sky’s The Limit, produced by NO I.D. himself and the remix produced by Dug Infinite. Take your pick on which one you like. I pick the Dug Infinite version as the best. You also get Jump On it as another treat on the single.. I dont have much to say just that, Its hot!!


  1. yeah I always liked Dug Inf’s version better

    that No ID album was like No ID and Dug Infinate’s shared LP, kinda like Only Built For Cuban Linx…was Rae and Ghosts LP.

    anyway we were talking about No ID, Dug and Y-Not in that Common post a few weeks back…I wonder what happened? Common was obviously at his best with this team AND Y-Not could rip the mic (peep Rich Man vs. Poor Man on Resurrection)

  2. Those were some great times man. To me, Its kind of hard to like the new Common album. All the hype that was built upon it and that he was returning to resurection style. I was highly disappointed to say the least and then for him to say in an interview that hell work with No ID or Dug when the time is right sounds real lame.

  3. Hey as men they just dont get along. You gotta respect that. Noone mentions that NO I did do a beat on the Pretty Toney album (Metal Lungies). Hes still got it and I hope we hear more from him in the 05 even if aint with Rashid. Also this song came off The Black Album (Be Yourself) on Relativity. Very dope I own it on cassette and theres some dope beats on it, rhymes? not on a Ghost or Comsense level but adope album to find on ebay!

    • Drew Huge
    • May 11th, 2005

    For me, the NO ID album is the most underrated of all time. It’s not an out and out classic, but the combo of No ID’s beats when he was on top of his game, along with his and Dug Infinite’s more than competent MCing (with some great lyrical content) make this an album I never tire of. So slept on it hurts

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